Wireless Smartphone Controller

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  • Functionality

    A fully functional wireless smartphone gamepad. Which harbours 14 buttons, two joysticks, a directional pad, and a universal smartphone holder

    Everything you need to compete at a high level!

  • Benefit

    We understand the immense frustration that you get when gaming on your phone

    We know you simply can't perform at a high level like you can on your console

    So we created a controller for your phone to alleviate stress and to give you that competitive edge!

  • Compatability

    Compatible with iOS, Android, PC and more. Our controller is supported by a large list of games, apps and developers which is growing every week!

The Design

Designed with the Xbox One controller in mind to give the most accurate feeling to a console gamepad as possible to improve your mobile gaming experience and enhance your performance in competition.

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Is this controller compatible with all games?

Our controller works with a large list of games & apps, which is growing everyday.

Some games are currently unavailable, however can be played via alternative connection methods.

Will this controller fit my phone?


This controller is designed to fit all flagship mobile devices.

It will also fit many tablet devices as well.

Is this controller available in my country?

Unfortunately our controller is currently only available in the US.

However we are looking to expand our shipping worldwide in the coming months.